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Embodied Relational Mindfulness in psychotherapy: Implicit Process

This 27-minute video is an introduction to "Sunflower Mind" is about. For ease of use, the video is divided into several short clips. A list of all the clips, with links, is below the video screen.

The following video clip is the first one ("Introduction").

This video clip lasts 2 minutes.

Next videoclip


The above clip is part of a video made up of the following clips:

- Introduction (2 min)

- 2. Bottom up vs top down (3 min)

- 3. The situation a s a whole (2 min)

- 4. Orienting (4 min)

- 5. Noticing the inner experience (5 min)

- 6. The implicit movement (4 min)

- 7. Understanding the movement (2 min)

- 8. Another Sun (3 min)

- 9. Summary (2 min)

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